Naruto: Shippūden the Movie -The Death Of Naruto (JMovie)

August 29, 2007 at 2:11 am (Japanese Movies) (, , )

Naruto: Shippūden the Movie (Trailer)

Naruto the Movie 4Demons that once almost destroyed the world are revived by someone. To prevent the world from being destroyed, the demon has to be sealed and the only one who can do it is the shrine maiden Shion from the country of demons. She has two powers: one is sealing demons and the other is predicting the deaths of humans. This time Naruto’s mission is to guard Shion, but she predicts Naruto’s death. The only way to escape it is to get away from Shion, which would leave her unguarded, and then the demon, whose only goal is to kill Shion will do so, thus meaning the end of the world. Naruto, rather than put the world at stake, decides to challenge this “prediction of death”.

“Looks like a cool movie. But I can’t believe Naruto dies in it. I think it will have some twist in this movie. Everyone knows naruto IS NOT gonna die.ecause Naruto is the main character in the story if he dies there will be no naruto will be airing ♥ (ha..ha..ha..).”



  1. Ronniedy said,

    Holly crap!!! He really does die! That’s so unfair.

  2. Jeng-Jeng said,

    I don’t want to be the spoiler but according to what I read. He didn’t Die…. I think they think that Naruto died to the accident but he survive…

  3. Narutoman! said,

    what site is it from that u read it!

  4. Naruhina said,

    he didn’t die, the princess he has to protect predicts that naruto will die and only way he can live is to leave her unguarded but that would mean the end of the world find it out at wikipedia

  5. jomar said,

    wa me paki!!!!!!!

  6. Naruto fan said,

    Omg! Cant believe it he cant die
    In a movie 😦

  7. Naruto fan said,

    Omg! Cant believe it he cant die
    In a movie 😦

  8. Weirdo said,

    o, fuk… now i RLY wanna see the movie! but if he dies in a movie, it wont have any effect on the series, like all the othr movies… rite? ARGH! HE AINT GETTING AWAY FROM HIS TORTURE CALLED LIFE YET! I CAN FEEL IT! not to mention i saw plenty of spoilers (couldnt resist, even tho i hate spoilers

  9. hellooooooooooooooo said,

    tell me where you read this please

  10. Jeng-Jeng said,

    I read about the naruto the movie in the forum and the site of the forum is

  11. JiJi122 said,

    HE CANT DIE! HE’S NOT ALOUD TO… i doubt he dies. but he mite! ugh!! i wanna know!!!!!

  12. Andrew said,


    pplz naruto doesnt die

  13. naruto_fan said,

    no i can ‘t belive in this movie he can ‘t

  14. walid123 said,

    omg……………dose nnarruto really die how can this happn? please tell me its not so, what wood hinata sayif she found out naruto died………ohhhhh the poor irone how can this happn to us

  15. Eric clapton luver said,

    Does he rly die? I hope not cuz even tho he’s ma fave character, i don’t want him 2 die. y’all a bunch o spoilersLOL J/K. thnx i rly wanted to know what happend. Does anythign happen to SHIKAMARU NARA?

  16. Eric clapton luver said,

    Hey ANDREW thnx for telling us u rock! 🙂 BTW, Any body can answer does KAKASHI HATAKE DIE??? IF HE DID I WILL KICK SUM1’S A$$. lol BUT IM NOT KIDDING.

  17. CyberMyotismon said,

    What? Naruto die? I can’t believe if it rly happen. Why? It’s unbelievable if Naruto die, cuz he’s the Main Character guys. If he die, it mean the Naruto movie is die to. Understand?

  18. CyberMyotismon said,

    Indonesian : Apa? Naruto mati? Aku ga percaya kalo ini bener2 terjadi. Kenapa? Tidak d

  19. maslangaul said,

    indonesia:wah gak mungkin naruto mati!!!gue gak percaya…….

  20. maslangaul said,

    oh ya bwt pergemar naruto slm kenal ja……

  21. Oratile said,

    tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak mengapa ini yang terjadi tak dapat kupercaya dari lubuk hatiku yang terdalam

  22. Oratile said,

    fuck fuck fuck this is all happining to the world i can,t believe the world number 1 hero is dead

  23. junchan said,

    oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd!!!naruto mati!!!hik…hik…gw turut berduka cita hik…hik…!!gara2 sapa naruto mati hah!!! gara2 sapa?!!!!gimana nasib haruno sakura!!!!hik..hik…oh ya slam kenal za deh dari gw… JUNCHAN!!!!

  24. uciha said,

    naruto mati???

    wah….cerita seru tuh…

    apalagi kalo matinya ditangan sasuke, pasti

    keren banget……!!!!!

  25. ira said,

    inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un……..

    hik2222 Wa trZ 9mN dunkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. mawan said,

    egp,ya udh,cpt kirim filmx k Q

  27. andri said,

    gakkk….bakalan percaya kalau Nabruto mati…..meskipun dia mati dia kan keturunan kyubi(musang ekor sembilan)ya kan??????????

  28. uzumaki toupiq said,

    naruto mati, rasanya aku g percaya, naruto kan temen baikku, nmnya aja hampir sama kayak nmku di net, kalo g salah matinya naruto tuh hanya sementara masih nunggu uzumaki toupiq untung datang dan hidupin dia lagi =)) wakakakakaka just kidding friends, salam kenal aja untuk semua fans berat naruto, saya uzumaki toupiq ^_^

  29. neko said,

    bwa ha hahahah..
    pada ngomongin apaan siy..
    orang saya yg murid kishimoto sensei ajah kaga dikasih tau kalu naruto bakalan mati..
    itu psti cuman gosip..
    huu.. ga mutu!!

  30. ameruchan said,

    watashi wa ameru desu
    akuh penggemar naruto banget lho..

  31. kazUhiko said,

    impossibLe bgt!!!
    q pnggemar naruto Lho,,,

  32. ciko said,

    q adalah penggemar berat Naruto.slm jg buat penggemar Naruto yg lain!

  33. uzumaki ninden said,

    kacian dech lu naruto

  34. n'ka said,

    ha naruto mati ga mungkinnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!
    impossible bgt
    innalilahi wa inna lilahi rajiun!!!!
    w kyan sk bgt ma naruto

  35. Aaliyah(ThePurpleKid) said,

    If he does sie people are gonna be mad and possibly reble lol . But it would realy suck if he did die ! I donno what happens , everyone’s saying somthing diffrent and I’m totaly lost . I have no clue whats gonna happen . I read that they all die and another show picks up were Naruto left off only with diffrent characters and all . But I donno if its ture . In the world of confuzzled @_@ … yyeeeaaahhh…

  36. Rachel said,

    OMG! will somebode make up their fuc^&n minds! does naruto die or does he live? AUGH the anguish burning quest. btw does kakashi hatake die? cuz if he does I will kick Masashi’s goddamned ass

  37. naruto!! said,

    naruto DOES die i saw it on youtube.
    he gets stabbed right through by a giant dark dragon thingy. and NO it was not a shadow clone.
    search narutos death on youtube if u wanna see it is like 3 min long.

  38. naruto!! said,


  39. naruto!! said,

    i have also been hearin that he does die but comes back to life.
    so now i am confuzzled

  40. two tailed cat demon said,

    he does die but then again he might not cuz the trailers show u his death to make you think he does when he probably comes back to life one way or another.

  41. naruto_zers said,

    salam kenal…………………………….
    whatz???????? NaRuto mati…………..??????
    g gak trima…………………………….
    org g aj yG pacarny kagak dikasih tau ma tuch sutradara???baru jg buka!!!masak tau2 mati sech????
    j9n bikin 9osip dech!!0rg naruto trakhirny kawin ma g kok!nanti masuk koran lho!!!!!

  42. N_v1Ee said,

    appa????Naruto mati????G munGkin Lah,, Aqw tuCh pNggeMaR NaRutO,,,

  43. dylan rupert said,

    i hope he dies he is soooooooooooo gay i think they all should die in hell and never come back hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahah i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo evil.

  44. dylan rupert said,

    i love dead people hehehehehehehehehehe

  45. Shadow said,


  46. dinda maudi said,

    i love u naruto,sasuke,n pren love too they.thanks by recuest

  47. stupid said,

    Dose naruto really die?If he does that would be really retarted the show will end.Then what will I do?I beted a friend of mine $100 that he woulden’t.(i’m a complete idiot)

  48. venny06 said,

    gw aja kaga tau ceritanya…
    sLamat di aLam baka yach!!
    miss you TT

  49. tim said,

    when does this movie come out?

  50. shodow of nine tail said,

    ah …. nggak mungkin naruto mati,masak iya sih nareuto mati khan nggak lacu gito loh ya nggak yang

  51. sphynx said,

    nyahahhaha ano b 2??? ang gulo ng naruto!!! haAaAAaaAaAAAAyyyyyyyyssssssss!!!!!!!!!

    ^_^ paki ayos naman!-.^

  52. kyle said,

    omg that cool fukers

  53. kastri92 said,

    Naruto won’t die because, the girl that you see. she can see the future, and in the future she sees naruto die. But Naruto changes the future.:D so he doesn’t die..!!!!!!

  54. simtem said,

    come on naruto should not die he is the best i am his number one fan!if he does die it will ruin the whole series he should not die no no no if he does everything will be ruined everything naruto should not die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. dartz said,

    what suck naruto can be dead

  56. hyuuga hinata said,

    gak mungkin banget naruto mati. truz yang jadi main character buat gantiin dia siapa donk? dasar sasuke monster. udah bunuh kakashi lagi! salam kenal buat smua naruto fans!

  57. SakuraKissy said,

    I don’t think Naruto’s gonna die. They wouldn’t kill of Naruto before Kishimoto even finishes the Manga series. Naruto’s still alive in running in the Manga, and it’s supposed to be really long… and keep going, so he can’t die. HE JUST CAN’T! I’ve said this to a lot of people, “If Naruto dies, I’m sueing Kishimoto!” ^^ BEWARE MASASHI KISHIMOTO! IF YOU LET NARUTO DIE, or Sasuke or Shikamaru or Kiba or Kakashi or Iruka or Sai or Gaara(again)… YOU WILL NOT LIKE ME! I WILL COME TO JAPAN AND SHOOT YOU! >><<

  58. SakuraKissy said,

    When does this movie come out, so we can watch it?

  59. harms said,

    he doesn’t die because there will be a shippuuden movie 2

  60. budak jambi said,

    sapa nii yang mokad
    jadi sedih wa

  61. sakura_ossa said,

    i dont believe naruto cant die,apalagi di tangan sasuke ga banget, kalo aku bisa kejepang aku demo n tuntut yg nulis komik naruto, kalo ga aku bom rumah n gedungnya asal naruto hidup, bukanya naruto nikah sama hinata, ah pokoknya naruto harus hidup

  62. TenTen said,

    you have got to be kiddin me!! how can he die when the nine tail fox is still in him and wont let him die? aug!!! not kool!!! =(

  63. jy said,

    I done think naruto is going to die like everybody said he is the main character and he has the ninetails power

  64. mmalave said,

    hes not gonna die because in the show he took the tag from the gate which the nine tail fox is and ripped it off so the fox gives naruto all his power to turn into a fox so when hes fighting som shadow thing he will probaly turn full nine tail and he will go somwhere his headband would be left behind and they think hes dead but his not but in the show in the end he fights sasuke they turn into full demons and they kill each other

  65. naruto said,

    hello naruto how are you

  66. ilma said,

    halo ilma ini banu.banu kangen deh sama kamu

  67. adit said,

    kenapa? nggak mungkin,ini pasti tipuan !aku tidak percaya naruto mati !

  68. HarunoSakuraDrops said,

    Naruto Can’t Die!
    Not After All He Went Through TO Try And Become Hokage!
    It’s So Sad!

  69. sasuke uchiha said,

    no he doesnt die if he did there wouldnt be a second naruto shippuden movie go and check wikipedia and go to the bottom and select 2{spoiler}

  70. refuser said,

    no!!!! naruto WILL NOT die!!!! He will come out of the grave or something, I just know, he won’t die!!!!! I refuse to think he will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a belever and I know… I feal…. HE WILL NOT DIE!!!!!!

  71. HOKAGE said,




  72. Naruto & Hinata said,

    Naruto and i have the nine tailed fox sealed in us hahahahaha

  73. Marissa said,

    He doesn’t die, really. Are you guys seriously that lacking in faith?

    Haha, can’t wait for the movie.

  74. esa said,


    ga mungkinnn!!!!!
    its not good!!!
    its not true!!!!

    pleasee….. answer my question!!!!!

  75. esa said,


    jangan boong ah!!!!!!!

    w sdihhh bgdd niiii!!!!

  76. Uchiha Kid said,

    irely dont think naruto rely dies because he might become the next hokage

  77. dru said,

    a frend of mine sed he dies but comes bak 2 life.if he is doesnt that make him a zombie,which means he could probably start eating humans???

    (aahhh my hed hurtz)

  78. jhonny said,

    i have read wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy far ahead h lives past this and gets a barand new outfit 2

  79. 1r1s said,

    i think it’s 50-50 to die…he is the main char on the one hand but on the other hand it happens sometimes and the main chars die… we hope for the best:P

  80. 1r1s said,

    but i haveto sa,i’ve never seen better movie than this one:D

  81. 1r1s said,


  82. Rand&Tink=Naruto&Hinata said,

    Naruto isnt going to die because of 3 reasons. 1 hinata isnt going to allow it, 2 the nine tails chakara, and 3 gara will give his life for narutos. At the most he will be unconceious for a while like usual.

  83. 9_ said,

    awts naman anong nangyari ba’t ganoon!!!!! hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!!!!!!!!!! its the end of the naruto naba????????? i wanna know????


  84. Bob said,

    naruto does not die he uses his fox thingy for real

  85. Angie said,

    He doesn’t die. >>SPOILER<>END SPOILER<<
    I can’t wait for it to come out.

  86. kenno amorte said,

    pls gve me i this comment

  87. 1_of@kind said,

    i seriously doubt naruto wud die. first of all he has the nine-tails; second he’s the main character in the whole series; third there wouldn’ b any point in callin the rest of the series ‘naruto’ if he actually wasn’t in it;and fourth even if he DID die he was probably gonna cum bk to life agn.(takes a deep breath).
    oh and there’s gonna b a another naruto shippuden movie as well. ^^

  88. harveyyy said,

    you are write naaruto has the nine tail fox he will not die

  89. ibnu_sensei said,

    hah yg bener aja naruto mati,yha bisa aja siy kan the movie,jadi pasti jauh dari crita nya kan.huhuhuhu

    oia emang kakashi sensei matinya sama kejadianya???

  90. ju-ju said,

    he is not going to die. the demon fox is going to come out and kick ass like always!!!!

  91. dennis said,

    he doesnt she has a vision + go 2 youtube and type nartuo movie 5

  92. Teresa said,

    if naruto really dies then doesnt it mean the series is over
    cause i mean naruto is the main character

  93. Uzumaki+Angel said,

    Oh my………………………………God !! Si Ekor Sembilan mati ¿? Benar-benar berita yang mengharukan. Tapi ga pa pa lah, yg penting filmnya seru. Oh ya bwt fans Naruto yg lain “Asitheru’

  94. Werdo said,

    Its Gone!!!!!

  95. Shikamaru said,

    can belive the are face to face again(kik he’s naruto ^__^

  96. narutoxfannn said,

    Ok people, use logic. It is impossible for Naruto to die. First of all, there is too much manga left for the whole series to end in the movie. Also, all Naruto movies are just fillers and nothing important has ever happened in them.

  97. antony said,

    i think naruto will be safe and naruto will be power full

  98. Markus said,

    This is gonna be fun. But I don’t want the title that says Naruto will gonna die I don’t want liars!!!!!!!!!

  99. Markus said,


  100. jeffer said,

    ami me encata la serie naruto shippuden

  101. snakeboy said,

    I don’t beleve it naruto doesn’t dies,I wish I had the ninetail fox power because my two little sisters doesn’t let me watch naruto’but I am one of his fans.Go NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. ji non lenno said,

    i think naruto is going to die, but this is the character in the show. Naruto, Sasuke these two are crazy ! -.- @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ps: i really want orochimaru die!! >=o

  103. Kira said,

    Naruto won’t die,the whole show would have nothing. Probably that girl goes to Naruto smoe how and they break free and help stop the stone soldier army

  104. Inu Tarakami said,

    … He may have the power of the ninetails and he probably does survive somehow but I thought Orochi wouldn’t bite it so quickly but he died easily…. tahnks Sasuke for that and I am now hating Sasuke even more for being stupid with Itachi…. (Yay Itachi-kun!)

  105. marlon pieza said,

    owwwss naturo is dedzzzz

  106. LaLa_Demon_Tail said,


  107. kyubi said,

    ur all a bunch of idiots, Naruto doesnt die,its impossible because of the nine tails chakara, have you guys seen naruto shippuden ep 42
    did u see how strong his n with the demon fox clock

  108. Deadfish said,

    YOU IDIOTS- I’ll lay down the law because there are too things I have heard.
    1) He dies, or there are scenes of him dying
    2) FIRST THEORY: His death images are only in the girls vision
    3)SECOND THEORY: He makes a shadow clone using some weird technique/some special chakra/something that is exactly like a real life Naruto- one that doesn’t poof. And the shadow clone dies so everyone thinks he is dead
    4) THIRD THEORY: He survive but everyone thinks he dies and is MIA
    5) As far as I have heard no one else dies

  109. Deadfish said,

    Oh and idiots- It doesn’t matter to teh ninetaisl weather he dies or not. in fact his deaht sets the ninetaisl free. So the nintails woudl liek that and two, when he gets the foxes cloak it takes years of his life due to his cells constantly being burned and regenerated

  110. ihsan said,


  111. minaev namikaze said,

    tenang aja klo naruto mati kan masih ada kakaknya mo tw siapa kakaknya naruto add ja fs ni a_f_s@ndro.hell

  112. ForestKunoichi said,

    So, is the fourth movie here? With SUBS?! *flips out* YATTA!

  113. Kirrata said,

    Naruto does die but he comes back because of Sasuke like duh hello Sasuke killed Naruto but brought him back to life have no idea why he killed him and then brought him back to life it’s kind of stupid don’t ya think

  114. Rani said,

    Naruto????????????? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Poor Hinata!!!but, he is the main character! and he has the ninetails demon fox,i can’t believe this!

  115. mister mister said,

    Naruto will step on a land mine and explode.

  116. Naruto0095 said,

    Naruto and his fellow Ninja r not GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE KISS WAS AN ACCIDENT SOME GUY BUMPED NARUTO CAUSING HIM 2 BUMP INTO SASUKE AND IT LOOKED LIKE THEY KISSED AND THEY LOOK UTERLY DIGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any who he doesnt die because there is a website called click on Information and then death list and it dosnt say Naruto Uzumaki i assure you. Case closed.

  117. Naruto0095 said,

    also people Naruto has 2 become Hokage so he has 2 live plus like Shadow said his grave moved so the case is definatly closed i’m gonna be off 4 a while

  118. Naruto0095 said,

    Naruto DID NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard it was a vision thet Shinon had(The girl Naruto wuz protecting). Thats it because the part whith Naruto’s grave was at the beginning and it was a vision… I just like 2 say that because it makes me happy because i read a spoiler by some one and not Shadow some one else on another website I makes me happy

  119. Naruto0095 said,

    It makes me happy not I makes me happy(Sorry 4 the typo)

  120. jose said,

    donde consigo el dvd de the movie 4!!!!! mi correo es si alguien sabe donde conseguirlo o lo quiere vender me avisa/!!!!

  121. yg said,

    (in north america)

  122. Sakur said,


  123. never said,

    He cant die for two reasons. The nine tail wont let him die, and second the whole show is base around him becoming hokage one day. If he were to die the whole show would be a waste. And this show is a big hit i imagine it will be like inuyasha and keep going for a really long time.

  124. Naruto0095 said,

    any one beg to differ from me?

  125. AZNTP Tha Rula Of tha World said,

    u ppl r losers fukin addicted to this shouw huh??
    fuckin losers
    u ppl have no friends no lyf
    u ppl r losers
    n have too many free time
    fuckin bitch ass coc suckin losers

  126. SakuraKissy said,

    I’m soo glad naruto doesn’t die! 🙂 you can tell because Naruto Shippuden Movie 2 comes out in August 2009! …in Japan. I really wanna know when I can watch Naruto Shippuden Movie 1 online! I’ve been waiting since August!!! XD That’s what… seven months… more than half a year!

  127. Naruto0095 said,

    yeah……….Any one else?

  128. Naruto0095 said,

    Come on dont be shy tell me what ya think

  129. ninja taku-take said,

    mama,why naruto pukimak cibaihai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.i can’t believe that naruto was dead!!!!!FUCK YOU AND FUCKERBULLSHIT YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Johnathan said,

    Naruto doesn’t die,he survives and always will until about the last fight I is fate for him to become hokage after all and he can’t do that if he is dead,they are only making it seem like he is dead to keep people wanting to see what is going to happen next.

  131. elsa said,

    wah naruto mati terus nanti judulnya bukan kagi dong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    terus judulnya yang bagus apanya?????????
    mungkin died naruto”s

  132. nathan said,

    he doent die in the movies

  133. Naruto0095 said,

    im gonna be off 4 a little while

  134. lonely-gaara said,

    naruto WON’T DIE!!!! do u guy’s remember the fight with sasuke VS. naruto?
    he broke naruto’s neck and blow (WITH CHIDORI/1000 CHIRPING BIRDS/LIGHTNING BLADE)a hole in naruto and he was supposed to be death but the demon fox gave him strenght

    PS: well….-to be honest-…. i think the girl (shion or something) safe’s naruto’s life this time!!!
    don’t worry to many people… he won’t die because he will be shown in the later episode’s (even older) that means he survived) u get it?, so….. -> ->NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT<- <-
    PPS: this post is getting to long so i quite!

  135. Richard said,

    He does die but gets brought back. spoilers r fun.

  136. the O said,

    omg he better not die o well idk whats going in amarica and well this is relly far ahead for us….

  137. theopotts said,

    um idk what your even talking about but sounds bad im in usa and where reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy far behind japan

  138. Naruto0095 said,

    Come onnnnnnnnnn people y wont u answer me!?!?!?!?????????????????????????1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Darklexi96 said,

    Naruto will not die.If anyone saw the trailer, it jts to show Shion’s prediction.NO BIGGY.But trust me I have watch and he did not die.

  140. Naruto0095 said,

    ok fine i hope people coment me

  141. inferno305 said,

    he dosen’t die he learns a shadow clone that it’s like a really person and dosen’t die in 1 hit its a jutsu thats his father new so he dosen’t die the clone dies he trick the future and if he die’s he has to take sasuke with him atleast 😛

  142. inferno305 said,

    sorry if i spoil something 😦

  143. inferno305 said,

    u now that had to happens cause naruto hadn’t learn anithing new in a long time

  144. inferno305 said,

    they movie it’s mainly about protecting some woman that could see the future and seal demons and there are like for powerful demons after her

  145. TheUltimateRasengan said,

    A hint because I have already seen the movie. Main characters cannot die..? Is this going to be Narutos last breath? Or will someone sacrafice the life to save him? More information is going to make the movie boring so enough with details…. ^^

  146. rinnigan said,

    naruto do not die in de Shippuden movie you all can watch him on veoh

  147. Madbog said,


    He does die, but the priestess goes back in time and saves his life. also naruto is an baka. he doesnt get the implied question and is going to be embarassed when he finds out what he said yes to.

  148. Marik said,

    lol you guys are funny!,

    Naruto wouldnt gonna die,that because the kyubi protects Naruto,if ever Naruto dies the Kyubi dies too,so Kyubi will always protect Naruto from danger and never gonna let him down, like what happen on the Shippuden series.. see the 4 tail Kyubi Naruto?

    think guys!!


  149. aliomar said,

    ano ba yan kung alam ko lang na mamamatay lang pala si naruto sana hindi na lang ako nanood dahil ang sakit talaga kasi idol ko talaga si naruto

  150. mur said,

    baji9ngan sing nulis komik ,kan sayang kalo naruto mati, gak mikir ya

  151. paine56 said,

    if he dies i wont wach naruto an E more

  152. ninjakid16 said,

    naruto doesn’t die i saw the movie and as usual destiny is changed

  153. Shiron said,

    ko naruto MaTi Seh????????????????? trus Kpn sich jd hokage?????????? aq klo ngeliat, bkl nangis tauk!!!!!!!!!!! mending aza negara japan q bom 10 juta kali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ato bkl ada perang dnia ke tiga

  154. Ronniedy said,

    yay i gotz da movie he really doesnt die but i had to like ff through the dang credits thats when i thought he died. yay naruto is alive o yeh naruto rulz

  155. Ronniedy said,

    o yeh i forgot im the first 1 to post a comment yayz =D

  156. oichi said,

    masa naruto mati sih?????????????????????????
    truz gimana lanjutan ceritanya?????

  157. SHIZUKA said,

    naruto mati???????????????????
    q ga percaya bngt tau!!!!!!!!!!!
    gax mungkinkan naruto mati

  158. SHIZUKA said,

    i’m naruto fans.

  159. SHIZUKA said,

    who have a naruto song?????

  160. wan said,

    who is 6’th hokage

  161. Nar-kun said,

    masa cie naruto mati..

    kan dia jelmaan kiyubi,…

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