Prinsesa ng Banyera (Fdrama)

October 19, 2007 at 4:34 am (Philippine Drama) (, , , , )

Cast: Kristine Hermosa, Angelika Dela Cruz, TJ Trinidad, Rafael Rosell, Jacklyn Jose, Nonie Buencamino, Shamaine Buencamino, Lollie Mara, Allan Paule
Set in the dirty, gritty, and crowded streets of a small provincial pier ruled by men, a strong yet charming woman emerges to be the town’s breath of fresh air and only hope…
Prinsesa ng Banyera, ABS-CBN’s newest soap opera tells the story of two sisters who lived two different lives. One lived a life of comfort and luxury of a home she always dreamed of. One lived a life of simplicity and a struggle to survive a tough world.
Eventually, fate will lead them to meet again. Now, they’re two different people with different stories to tell, two people who will love a lifetime. And only when one sacrifices, and the other understands…it is only then that they will realize it is only in unconditional love and forgiveness that they can finally heal the wounds of their past.


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What’s New in GMA 7: La Vendetta

October 19, 2007 at 4:12 am (Philippine Drama) (, , , , )

The new soap opera in GMA 7 La Vendetta, the shooting will held in one of the big house in San Fernando, Pampanga.The lead actor of the drama is Sunshine Dizon, Jean Garcia, at Jennylyn Mercado. The drama will direct by Gil Tejada at Lore Reyes. The soap opera will run for approximately in 12 weeks.

The major characters in La Vendetta are Jean Garcia is Amanda, the villain in the drama; Jennylyn Mercado is Almira, she’s the youngest of the three sisters; and Sunshine Dizon is Eloisa, she is the hallucinating sister.

“Rustom Padilla is the closet gay of yoga instructor. Luis Alandy is Ariel. For the first time, Paolo Contis is a good person here and he is Junjun. Polo Ravales is Gabby and who have a very interesting role.”

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“Kamandag” Newest GMA-7 TV-Series

September 2, 2007 at 2:32 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )

Kamandag is an upcoming GMA Network fantasy Philippine drama, from the creation of Carlo J. Caparas starring Richard Gutierrez.Not much is known about this series, it is known that this will be Richard Gutierrez‘s next show after his current series Lupin.[1] This will also be Gutirrez’s second role based on a comic book superhero, his first was playing the lead and title role in Captain Barbell.

Writers: Carlo J. Caparas (comic), Suzette Doctolero
Release Date: November 2007 (Philippines)
Genre: Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Richard Gutierrez As Vergel/Kamandag
Ehra Madrigal
Maxene Magalona
Jewel Mische

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Walang Kapalit (Fdrama)

September 1, 2007 at 1:06 am (Philippine Drama) (, , )

Walang KapalitA riveting story coupled by an equally riveting cast. These are the ingredients to, “Walang Kapalit”. Boasting an ensemble cast and a story that will keep you on the edge of your toes, Walang Kapalit will surely keep you hooked to the very end.

This drama takes us to Melanie (Claudine Baretto) and Noel’s (Piolo Pascual) story, stepsiblings who unexpectedly fall for each other. “Will they fight for their love that’s considered wrong, or will they just let it go and resign to fate?”

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Kokey (FDrama)-Episode Seventeen

August 30, 2007 at 2:19 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )

Trining can’t accept the fortuneteller’s prediction that the newcomer in their family is the one who’s bringing them the string of unfortunate events! So she asks Lyka to check the tarot cards over again. But she comes up with only one solution, that is, to thwart Bong from their home. Unknown to Trining, Lyka is a part of Marcial’s wicked schemes.Kok


When Nanding learns about this, he merely brushes off the idea that Bong is responsible for their ill-luck. But since Trining is adamant to confront the boy about it, she and Nanding decide to discuss the issue with the kids, only to back out after Bong and Anna hand them their profit from their garage sale!


However, Jimboy overhears his parents argue about the issue. Charisse tells Marcial that Nanding is not the kind of person who believes in such nonsense particularly when it concerns his beloved adopted son. With that knowledge, Jimboy only grows harsher towards Bong. He further outcasts him in school for fear of acquiring misfortune.


This brings about a squabble between them which pushes the school principal to call on their moms. Charisse denies her son’s statement that he heard her admit that Bong is a bringer of misfortune. Worried about where all this talk is coming from, Bong asks his mom for an explanation later on. Trining tells him the truth then but she assures the kid not to concern himself about it anymore.


At midnight, Lucio goes back at the orphanage to steal the box where all Bong’s precious belongings are stored. However, Robin discovers him and immediately shouts for help from the other orphans. With this, Sister Aida affirms the usually naughty kid. On the other hand, it seems that Lucio still managed to get some of Bong’s pertinent papers!


However, Doña Ingrid is unhappy with the way Nicassio is handling the search for her lost grandson. Hence, she decides to terminate Lucio’s services for unearthing nothing significant throughout the years. Nicassio implores her not to do so, but she merely threatens to discard him if he further complains.


Back to the Kalugdans’ home, Anna refuses to believe the fortuneteller’s forecast. She confides to Peping that she has seen Bong’s amazing character. As such, she muses that perhaps the newcomer that they were talking about may not be her brother but Kokey instead!


Unknown to them, this unfair suspicion hits Kokey hard and makes him feel depressed! Not wanting to add to their problems anymore, he tearfully bids Anna and Bong goodbye while they were sleeping!

© 2006 ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved.-

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Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap (FDrama)

August 28, 2007 at 11:49 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )

Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap

Catherine (Nadine Samonte) goes through all the travails of a young woman including first loves (Dennis Trillo), a vulnerable mother (Glydel Mercado), and her mother’s scheming first boyfriend (Gardo Versoza) and his equally money-hungry family

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Impostora (FDrama)

August 28, 2007 at 11:46 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )


An intriguing story of deception and desire.

The story starts out with the conjoined twins, Lara and Sara (Calzado), whose successful separation proves to be both a blessing and a curse. Because of their evil aunt Betty’s family (Garcia and Estrada),their family shall be ruined and the twins will be separated. Lara will grow up to become a head-strong woman fueled by the desire to extract revenge on her aunt Betty and cousin Nessa (Dizon), which made their lives a living hell. While Sara, because of a freak accident, had a huge scar on her face which made her ugly and weak in personality. But because of an accident, Nessa’s lover, Leandro (Alandy), who is also a surgeon, will intervene and restore the face of Sara. But this time it’s another face. She became a “replacement” for the evil Nessa and became her scapegoat in every evil thing that she did. But because of her good heart, she managed to make all the people like “the new Vanessa” and starts to love the family that the real Nessa never appreciated. But now the real Nessa is back, is this the end of Sara’s “deception”? And how about Lara, will she figure out that the woman she’s extracting revenge on is not Nessa and only an IMPO§TORA

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Marimar (FDrama)

August 28, 2007 at 11:43 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )


Gustavo marries Lupita despite his mother’s disapproval of their relationship. Things were further complicated when Lupita bore Gustavo a daughter – Marimar. Dolores, Gustavo’s mother, believes that Lupita married her son only for their wealth, and thus, will do everything to separate the two of them.

Dolores drugs Lupita and hires a man to make it look like that Lupita is having an affair. Gustavo is devastated to find Lupita sleeping with another man, which unknown to him, is a plot by his own mother. Dolores then demands Lupita to leave their property and never to come back into her son’s life.

It is too late, however, when Gustavo finds out the treachery of Dolores. He can no longer find Lupita or his daughter, who have gone into hiding. Lupita promises to her daughter that, one day, she, Marimar, will clear their names and claim what is rightfully hers.

Stricken with guilt, Gustavo leaves his parents and decides to live alone in Manila. He doesn’t lose hope that, one day, he will be able to find Lupita and Marimar.

Seven years had passed, but Gustavo’s efforts to locate the whereabouts of Lupita and Marimar remain fruitless. One day, Esperanza visits him, carrying with her the news of Gustavo’s parents’ fatal accident. Despite his ill feelings towards his mother, Gustavo went home to finally put closure to his past.

While visiting the grave of his parents, Silva came by to inform Gustavo the whereabouts of Lupita and Marimar. Gustavo doesn’t waste any time in rebuilding his family again. Lupita manages to forgive Gustavo, and Marimar is delighted to finally meet her father.

On their way back to Manila, the passenger plane on which they are crashes into the sea. The whole family is separated from each other, and Gustavo once again loses the family he has tried hard to rebuild. Lupita is later found, but is dead. However, Marimar was nowhere to be found.

Marimar is washed ashore to the next island. She is found by a childless couple, Cruz and Pancho, and upon discovering that Marimar suffers from amnesia, decide upon themselves to raise Marimar as their own grandaughter. Lola Cruz would eventually name her Marimar after seeing Marimar’s pendant necklace.

Marimar would then grow into an innocent naive young woman, whose innocence will be shattered by the world she thought was good to her.

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Mga Mata ni Angelita (FDrama)

August 28, 2007 at 11:29 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )

Mga Mata ni Angelita

In the town of Sta. Maria, the poor couple Marcelo and Linda once wished to the Virgin Mary to fulfill their dream of having a child. After a couple of years, they miraculously find a child: a little angel they believed was heaven-sent. They named her Anghelita.

But the baby was sickly, and one day her sickness brought her to the point of near death. Anghelita never made it to the hospital to have her sickness cured. But instead of dying, the baby became blind instead.

Meanwhile, the town of Sta. Maria was plagued by bad luck: suddenly there were no more crops to harvest; famine ensued after a long, arduous storm — and every single person in town attributed this bad luck to the mysterious loss of the Virgin Mary’s crown.

Everyone in town thought that keeping the baby Anghelita would bring more bad luck to the town. And so they abandoned the baby Anghelita. She fell into the hands of the local outcast, the mysterious and elusive Magdalena, considered a witch by the locals.

Raised by Magdalena, Anghelita became a servant to the mean-spirited woman. And if that was not enough, she was still seen as a curse by the other locals. Mistreated and ostracized, Anghelita longed for her mother and vowed to find her someday.

Anghelita’s only friend was a hunchback named Gabriel, the local bell-ringer who lived in the church tower. Like Anghelita, he was looking for his biological parents. Both outcasts, they found solace in each other amidst all the hatred hurled at them by the locals.

Things seemed hopeless for Angelita until the Virgin Mary starts communicating with her in her dreams. And in a moment of life and death, Mother Mary gives Anghelita her eyes so that she can finally see and help the people of Sta. Maria.

Aside from the gift of sight, Mama Mary had also bestowed upon Anghelita different abilities that will lead her to happy, scary, terrifying and heartwarming adventures that will bring her closer to the person to whom she rightfully belongs — her birth mother.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2007 GMA New Media, Inc.

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Ysabella (Fdrama)

August 28, 2007 at 10:42 pm (Philippine Drama) (, , )


The story revolves around a young cook named Ysabella Cuenca. At an early age, Ysay develops an inclination for cooking, and dreams of becoming a great cook like her mother, Rosario Cuenca.

However, her mother’s misfortune causes Ysay to taste the bitterness of life. This teaches her to be meticulous and devoted to her cooking, and cynical when it comes to love. She grows with one goal in mind—to be the best cook in their area and exact revenge on the woman who was responsible for her mother’s misery.

Along the way, Ysay meets two men who will show her how sweet it is to fall in love. Who will give her the right mixture of happiness? Will it be the cocky, street-smart Andrew Amarillo or the chef Mito Valenzuela ?

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